App Smashing: Combining Google Drive, iTunes U, And Apps In The Classroom – Edudemic

First of all, I learned a new phrase via the article below- app smashing (and no, it does not involve pounding your iPad with a meat tenderizer when it doesn’t work…) It also got me intrigued about iTunes U as a content delivery system. I would like to know if any teacher has looked in to this? Hey science teachers- I am talking to you!)

Here is a link to the iTunes U training page. I think this requires further investigation!

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Many schools that have adopted one-one tablet technology struggle with the pre-requisite skills associated with moving files from app to app. This process is now called App Smashing, and when you learn how to use it to your advantage, it really does make things nice and simple. Workflow is king and the easier it is …

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In the iTunes Education Spotlight this Week

If you don’t get this lovely little newsletter from iTunes, you should. Because of it, I have several new apps on my iPad, three  free books of short stories from the finalists of the Bronwen Wallace Emerging Writers award, and my first iTunes course.

As always, I will forward you the email, but here is a few screenshots to give you a preview:


The iTunes U course that I downloaded for free is the above one about the moon. This would be a great compliment to the Astronomy unit I know is approaching quickly in Form I.

This is how it looks like in your iTunes U app. Which looks a lot like the ibooks app. That confused me at first but I got over it. I am quick like that.

Here is the course outline:

Excellent, easy to read text, interspersed with videos and images:

Here is a screenshot of one of the videos:

Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers! Don’t delay! Get three books of short stories for Free!


Naturetap is a free app that gives you information on a variety of birds and insects.

Here is the description:

Build your nature app. Download the free app and get instant access to 28 beautiful North American birds, each with a brilliant image, detailed range map, song/call, and description. Register your app and receive the full Insects and Spiders module, which includes 100 common species for free! Add additional nature subjects quickly and easily with in-app purchase.

You can purchase “nature packs” for an extra $0.99, but the free version is pretty fantabulous:

You get a lot of information from a physical description to its diet and habitat as well as a recording of its cry. Perfect for the Animal Real Estate project the Form 1s do at the beginning of the year!