iPad Summer Challenge #1: Read a Book on your iPad!


The year is winding down and so is this blog. I will be taking a couple of months off from posting as of next week and thought it would be a fitting end to this year of iPad exploration by throwing out a couple of “get to know your iPad” challenges to the staff. The Grade 7s will all be using them next year, and most of the future grade eights are now experts with the device, so it behooves us (yes, behooves) to keep up with the little rascals.

I will start the challenges out slow: read a book!

I was shockingly late in the year to actually try this myself, as documented in this post, but I think it is important to understand how it feels to read on the device. In the older grades they used the devices to read Shakespeare and Jane Austen. The possibility of getting eBook class sets is on the horizon (be it only a pin prick right now). Try several different apps- ibook, kindle, bluefire. Which one do you like best? What is their added value? (note taking, note sharing, dictionary, highlighting passages, etc).

Where can you find ebooks for free?


The Library!

Where can you purchase them? (Watch out though- this is way too easy. Way too easy, as my credit card bill will attest)