La Presse Article on the State of the iPad in Quebec Schools

Thanks Geneviève!

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Although the study isn’t saying anything we don’t know – the students get distracted with the iPad, they love it but don’t see it as a learning tool (though I am not sure that is a bad thing – if you ask them how they use it for school I bet it would come out that it is indeed used as a learning tool without them consciously identifying it as such – I appreciate that they mention that some teachers are responding by adjusting their teaching practices or at least by recognising the need to do so, a comment I heard repeatedly from many of our teachers during the iPad survey.

I also like how they point out that it is still a confusing time- with students being equipped with this powerful tool that can work as an e-reader, calculator, dictionary but the system (ministry exams is the big one) do not allow these tools.

Check it out and let me know what you think!