Considering Minecraft for Your Classroom? 12 Outstanding Resources to help you make your decision

Minecraft has been on my radar for a while now as an intriguing tool. My understanding is that the students (or gamers- it is a very popular game in itself) must build their own worlds, which leads to a lot of educational possibilities, especially for history. There are a bunch of examples of students building Coliseums and other wonders of the world as part of their history class. One could beef up those interminable lectures on New France by getting them to construct old Quebec, or the first settlement in Montreal. Or they could get more specific and design what an old fur trader’s cabin would have looked like. I think the possibilities would be endless.

If you are interested, mauilibrarian2 in Olinda  has a good article with a lot of resrouces related to Minecraft.



Summer project: Teaching with Minecraft

Via Edudemic

One of the reasons this last grade seven cohort were glued so much to their iPads (besides the novelty, the social media and their sheer youthful obsessive nature, of course) was a little game called minecraft, which in a nutshell, is like virtual lego but with a lot more bells and whistles.

But is it inherently bad? Is it just a distraction or does it have some educational value?  Does this hyper-caffeinated dude (he makes John Green look like a turtle on lithium) have a case?

Hmmm. I leave you for the summer with this large question…