rAPPido Review: NOVA

Price: free

Dear ipadyoupad readers,

This is officially my last post of the 2011-2012 school year, and so it is with much pomp and ceremony (it is that pomp-y time of year after all) that I choose to use this solemn occasion to tell you about NOVA! Because it is common knowledge  that summer is all about the PERIODIC TABLE!

Yes folks, browsing the apps for university from the iTunes newsletter, I came across this little nugget:

Having perused it for all of five minutes, I can tell you that I have learned some new and interesting facts. Me! Old-brained me!

Here are your options:

You can peruse the interactive Periodic table!

Tap on any element your little heart desires (my heart desired to know about antimony, which is not an anti-capitalist element as I learned rather quickly, but a medieval poisonous laxative. See? See the things you leaner in a day?)

Press on the green build button and you can manually build your element, by dragging the right numbers of protons, electrons and neutrons:

But wait! I have no idea how many protons, neutrons, electrons there are! Like, isn’t that like totally high school stuff? I am like so over high school. I need instruction:

Oh. I had to choose the one with 51 protons. But never fear! You can auto build (with the added bonus that it looks like a fireworks display on your iPad! Or how a cylon raiding strike looks on Battlestar Galactica’s radar:

Okay then. Let’s try helium. Helium only has two protons. I can handle two protons:

I totally built that element myself.

You can also watch episodes of Hunting the Elements (which I haven’t done because there are exams in the library at the moment. Well, students writing exams, to be more specific. The actual exams don’t mind.)

You can play David Pogue’s Essential Elements game (which I don’t understand at all because, as mentioned above, I had to mute my iPad):


So that’s it folks! ┬áHave a great summer and see you in the fall!