iPad Summer Challenge #4:Make a vacation journal!


Many of the students who will be coming in with their iPads will be using it for everything- from taking notes in class, to writing essays, to their multimedia projects. So how does it feel to use the iPad for word processing? For putting together a presentation? Why not play around with some of the word processing apps such as pages or Word or even Notes (though if you have a hate-on for any font resembling

Office squared

MS Comic then I do not recommend the latter)?

See how it feels to write a whole text on the iPad- what are the benefits? Challenges?

If you want to get fancy, why not create a travel log in book creator or, when your trip is done, in ibook? Add photos and video!

The one with the best travel log will get a dozen homemade cookies (to share or not to share. I won’t judge) when we are back in August!


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Office2HD Part III: Powerpoint

So. I started off my few minutes of iPad exploration all ready to give an overview of powerpoint on the iPad. I opened my document, gave it a name and started on my first slide. My hope was to do this whole blog post in powerpoint slides.

As you can see from above, it is pretty simple. You have your basic slide format, the + sign to add more, plus a couple more to choose from:

So I got to my second slide, where I was going to highlight the changing of the background and how to insert ask image, when Office quite on me. Of course, I hadn’t saved yet and I lost everything.

So I tried again. This time I made sure to save after my first slide:

Of course, Once I got to my third slide, I forgot to save again and it quit again, leaving me with only my first slide.

Frustrating? You think?

Luckily I took some screen shots:

If you want to change the background,all you have to do is double tap the slide (outside of a text box) and  the  you can choose a solid colour or a photo from your camera roll:

For your text, they give the usual options:

Actually, that was all the screen shots I took. You can add text boxes and different shapes, but there doesn’t seem to be any animations nor any textured background. Office also does not offer any templates like Keynote does. It is a barebones solution for presentations, which is not necessarily bad, but should be kept in mind especially if being used for multimedia projects.

Unfortunately, you cannot yet access your powerpoint presentations from Google docs or dropbox yet, though I am told that the update that will make this possible is just waiting to be approved from the powers that be at Apple.

Once saved, you can email yourself your presentation.

In conclusion, presentation on Office2HD leaves me only lukewarm. The constant bugging (  I even restarted the app as well as my iPad) combined with no automatic saving is a bigger problem than its relative lack of features (I am a fan of the barebones powerpoint) in my books.  I won’t use it if I am in constant fear of it quitting and leaving me to start over, an opinion I can guarantee, the students will share.

Office Squared: Word up!

Having trouble getting used to Pages? Want your Word back?

Well, you’re in luck.

When you create a new document here are your options:

Let us choose document, as I want to write the words, yo.

As opposed to Pages, where you have to close your document, then name it, Word asks you to name your document from the get go (which I love, as I always forget to name my Pages document and now have several docs entitled “blank”):

You can also turn on the spell check function which is, way less obnoxious than the auto-correct on Pages. Back to the little red lines, a friendly notice that your typing skills sucks.

Word count is also a nice feature, as is the find option! I love the find option! But that might just be the librarian in me…

When I highlighted my misspelled word, I found out that though they don’t offer any suggestions for correct spelling, highlighting text gives you the option to add footnotes and endnotes:

As for the printer, when I clicked on it, it wasn’t able to connect to any of our printers, which I think might be a fixable problem, one to ask Ms. Tech Guru… The other option for View is screen lay out, which just makes everything bigger, as far as I can see…

Inserting a photo is as easy as it is in Pages:

A neat option is the text box which you can find in the “shapes” tab:

Though I just tried it and it is a little awkward to manipulate…

You have the basic style options:

If you want to email the document to yourself, you have less options than Pages- you can email it as a word document (which makes sense since it is a word document). You also have to save and close your work and then tap the little blue arrow beside the name to email it:

One last important note: every time I took a screen shot of Office it shut off and I lost my work. I think it might be a little bug in the system right now, but I will stress that SAVING YOUR WORK  frequently is a good idea. Office unlike Pages, does not do it automatically.


Tech Guru Decrees Office2HD is the Bomb

And I agree. But only after I flailed around trying to get to the holy grail of being able to edit my documents from Dropbox and Google docs.Because this is what makes Office great: the sharing possibilities!

And yes, you can make your word documents, excel sheets and power points directly from your iPad with Office Squared (the two is supposed to be superscript but I can’t figure out how to do it..) but I will deal with that in subsequent posts.

Today, all I wanted to do is see if it actually worked- if I could actually edit something from my google docs and dropbox.

And, yes, yes you can. But first you have to add “the service”. To do this you tap the  “back” button:

Then tap “edit”:

Then tap “add service”:

And voilà! Once you allow access via your email and password you get a list of all your files!

Here are the files from my dropbox:

Here is a spreadsheet from my google docs:

Next post…other office squared stuff!