iPad Summer Challenge #4:Make a vacation journal!


Many of the students who will be coming in with their iPads will be using it for everything- from taking notes in class, to writing essays, to their multimedia projects. So how does it feel to use the iPad for word processing? For putting together a presentation? Why not play around with some of the word processing apps such as pages or Word or even Notes (though if you have a hate-on for any font resembling

Office squared

MS Comic then I do not recommend the latter)?

See how it feels to write a whole text on the iPad- what are the benefits? Challenges?

If you want to get fancy, why not create a travel log in book creator or, when your trip is done, in ibook? Add photos and video!

The one with the best travel log will get a dozen homemade cookies (to share or not to share. I won’t judge) when we are back in August!


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