Teen charged after using teacher’s admin password to access school computer

This is a cautionary tale:  a good reminder to be careful with our passwords and our computers. I think we forget that there is sensitive information on our computers – we leave our screens for a second with a confidential email open and anyone can see it.

He’s been charged with trespassing on his school’s computer system after snooping away an administrative password and swapping a teacher’s desktop wallpaper with an image of two men kissing.

Source: nakedsecurity.sophos.com

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The Daring Librarian: 10 Super Geeky Tips for the New Year

Do you know how I started my first day back at work this new year? By phoning the IT person because I forgot my new password. Yep. Off to a good start. Still, it is a good thing to do and more and more necessary as events of the past year has shown us (The Sony debacle, anyone?)

Daring Librarian gies some good tech resolutions for the New Year. think one of mine will be to delete all the counts of social media stuff I hardly ever use. I will also try to be better about clearing my cache periodically. Have a look and get inspired!

Source: www.thedaringlibrarian.com

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The 5 Things To Do About the New Heartbleed Bug

If you haven’t heard of this yet (and you should have- it is why revenue Canada was not open for business yesterday)  here is a good article from The Atlantic with some good tips on how to avoid it.

Now excuse me while I go change all my passwords…

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Should you take the latest security scare seriously? I do, and here are the steps I am taking.

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