iPad + Physics = ?

Just read about a fascinating study involving iPads and a high school Physics class, called Can iPads Make a Difference in Physics Education?

Here is a particularly juicy excerpt:

One fascinating shift that the researchers noticed was from the students’ reliance on teachers as an authority to reliance on evidence from their experiments. For instance, one experiment required the students to cut a PVC pipe to produce a certain frequency of sound. Before they had iPads, the students had to rely on the teacher to determine pitch by ear. Several iPad applications allowed the students directly engage with evidence instead of relying on an authority figure. By numerically determining the frequency of the sound waves, the students conducted their science experiments independently.

Students gained more autonomy through the ways they compiled their solutions to homework problems as well. Throughout the course, students used screencasts — video captures of their work on the iPad — to complete their lab reports. With screencasts, the students could also overlay their own narration to create multimedia solutions to their problems.

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