Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the QAIS Easy Tech 101 Conference. The day started out with a Keynote address by Pierre Poulin and Fran├žois Bourdon from iClasse, a company that specializes in technological professional development training for teachers.

Then we had a short panel with a few students from LCC who talked about how they use the iPad in their classes. Their favourite tool seemed to be iMovie…HUh.

Then we began with the workshops. I attended 3 of them and each gave me something to think about. However, it was a lot of information all at once, so I am going to start with showcasing one new tool at a time.

The first one I want to discuss was presented to me by a sixth grade boy from Selwyn House, during a “speed dating” of applications ( I love the formula of having students present certain tools they’ve been using in the classroom and hope to do something of the kind in our school, so watch out for it!).

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.24.07 AMPic Collage

Price: Free

What’s it for: Masking quick and dirty collages on your iPad!

The student had 4 minutes to present the app to us. I was able to follow along with him and in that 4 minutes make my own collage:


Yep. 4 minutes. Now if only I would take my own advice…

It is super easy to use. To begin just tap:

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.28.07 AM

You can also choose a template, or what I would call a layout…


I chose the template for six photos. Then I have the option to either create text, insert photos or choose a background.


I started with my text:


You have many fun fonts to choose from as well as font colour and background colour. Added options include alignment and size.


Then I added my photos:


You can select several at a time and then move them around with your finger. The template I chose automatically fits the photos into the box. You can choose how it will be cropped, or you can make the image smaller so that the whole thing shows.

Last but not least, I chose a funky background:


Here is the finished product:


You can either share it, or save it to your library and then share it with any app you would like or email it!


Now, obviously, I am using it for something a tad frivolous as an example, but I think this could be a useful tool for visual presentations in any subject

It is EXTREMELY useful to use and super fun!

What do you think you could use it for? Let me know!