Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.41.49 AMBut definitely not least.

What is it? I have talked about Popplet before –it is a very simple, mind mapping application. It doesn’t have the functionality or the number of templates as a more heavy duty tool like Inspiration, but on the plus side, it is a lot easier to use.


  • Lite version is free (but you can only make one map)
  • Full version is $4.99

What does it do?

Popplet basically has one, very clean look. White boxes within a black frame against a coloured background. Here is a screenshot of the Popplet I made during the workshop:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.47.25 AM

Once you are done, you have the following export options:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.48.35 AM

You can add images, text as well as draw:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.02.51 AM

To create a new box, simply tap the screen. To make a connection, simply drag one of the grey dots:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.04.41 AM

Easy peasy!

Lesson Idea: Using Tellagami to Produce a News Report

Via Primary iPad Classroom

I know the grade 7 English class just finished a news article based on their Historical Fiction books. Here is an idea from a UK elementary school that could be adapted for that project or the upcoming introduction to Shakespeare assignment:

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 8.20.49 AM


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rAPPido Review: Popplet Lite (Finally…)

I am in the midst of doing an iPad project with the Grade 8s of our school. It consists of learning some background information on Iran for their reading of Persepolis and then creating a documentary like we did for To Kill a Mockingbird last year.. But more on that later…

The relevant part is that they have to create a timeline to stick in their iMovie. I didn’t want to chain the students to one particular app as most of them are using their own iPads and they might not have the particular app. And in fact, I think that might be a rule of thumb to remember in the future: it is the task that matters, the content. What they use to accomplish it is less relevant. (Unless it is a class about the tools, for example a multimedia class).

Still, as you might have noticed in the last few blogs, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by Popplet. All the lesson plans that I saw that used the app looked so darn purty, like this one from  HCSMobile. Net:


So I thought I would check it out. I downloaded the free Popplet Lite version (the upgrade costs $4.99). And because my head is so full of the social media presentations from Ms. Shanly Dixon, I used “sharing is caring” as a topic:

You have the option to type in text, draw or insert an image from either your camera roll or by taking a photo:


But that was a terrible photo so I decided to draw:


Note the red. Yes, that means you have different colour options to draw with! You can also change the colour of the frames as well as the overall background colour, although I noticed that some of the options for colour didn’t work. I am not sure if that is just a glitch or if it is because I was using the lite version.

In order to link the different boxes, all you have to do is tap one of the circles around the box and stretch it to the next frame (I am ashamed to admit how long it took me to figure that out. I though those circles were there to enlarge the frame or compress it and kept on pressing on them trying to adjust my box size…It is probably a good idea to read the instructions first…):


You can export your popplet either as a pdf or a jpeg. The options are limited but practical:


Oh- and you can also change the title, by tapping on “my poppet” and changing the text.

Here is the final product:


The Popplet lite version only allows you to do one Popplet at a time, but if you export the one you are doing before starting another it shouldn’t matter too much.

As soon as I have the time I will be adding Popplet to the iPad lab!

Lesson Plan Idea: Timelines Using Popplet

Via HCSMobile. Net

Now this is an intriguing idea. I am in the process of creating another ipad project on Background information for the Graphic Novel Persepolis for the Grade 8 English class. It will be another documentary project where the students must find the pertinent information in certain print and online reference sources to answer a series of questions. The answers to their questions will be their “script”. They need to find images to compliment their script. They also need to do a reenactment (either in the form of an interview of the major players or a play by play of an event). But now I think maybe I will make them do a timeline with Popplet, like this class did for the Civil rights movement:

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To be continued…