Office2HD Part III: Powerpoint

So. I started off my few minutes of iPad exploration all ready to give an overview of powerpoint on the iPad. I opened my document, gave it a name and started on my first slide. My hope was to do this whole blog post in powerpoint slides.

As you can see from above, it is pretty simple. You have your basic slide format, the + sign to add more, plus a couple more to choose from:

So I got to my second slide, where I was going to highlight the changing of the background and how to insert ask image, when Office quite on me. Of course, I hadn’t saved yet and I lost everything.

So I tried again. This time I made sure to save after my first slide:

Of course, Once I got to my third slide, I forgot to save again and it quit again, leaving me with only my first slide.

Frustrating? You think?

Luckily I took some screen shots:

If you want to change the background,all you have to do is double tap the slide (outside of a text box) and  the  you can choose a solid colour or a photo from your camera roll:

For your text, they give the usual options:

Actually, that was all the screen shots I took. You can add text boxes and different shapes, but there doesn’t seem to be any animations nor any textured background. Office also does not offer any templates like Keynote does. It is a barebones solution for presentations, which is not necessarily bad, but should be kept in mind especially if being used for multimedia projects.

Unfortunately, you cannot yet access your powerpoint presentations from Google docs or dropbox yet, though I am told that the update that will make this possible is just waiting to be approved from the powers that be at Apple.

Once saved, you can email yourself your presentation.

In conclusion, presentation on Office2HD leaves me only lukewarm. The constant bugging (  I even restarted the app as well as my iPad) combined with no automatic saving is a bigger problem than its relative lack of features (I am a fan of the barebones powerpoint) in my books.  I won’t use it if I am in constant fear of it quitting and leaving me to start over, an opinion I can guarantee, the students will share.