Ped Day Post-Mortem

What a way to start the day! This morning wee took the time to go through some of the projects the teachers worked on in their iPad Play Ped Day (catchy title, n’est-ce-pas?)

I have to say, I was extremely impressed. And inspired.

Here is a smattering of iPad uses, or soon to be uses, in our school!

 Karen (Art History)

Karen is attempting to implement the tenets of the Flipped classroom (here is a short globe and mail that gives you the gist of it). So she is adapting some of her lessons to these principles by using Khan academy’s Art History Conversations. The students will watch the videos on their own time on one of the paintings highlighted in Khan, do some research and prepare a lesson to teach to the class.

They will use the iPad for this project. The presentations will consist of images they have found online and their own script.

The second project she will be doing I missed a bit of, but I think it consisted of taking photos for a class project.

DAVID (French Teacher)

  • looked for specific apps for teaching french but no luck.

But did play with Ibooks author!

This is what he had to say about iBooks:

  • Another way of taking advantage of the flipped classroom
  • All your class assignments , papers, docs can be pasted into an etext editor
  • Showed us his ibook on les phrases:

You can include:

  • little info boxes on your photos:

If you tap on the boxes it will expand:

  • graphs:

  • dynamic jpegs (which means you paste a photo ands then add little text bullets. When you tap on the text bullets they zoom in):

  • You can also embed keynote presentations:

If you tap the presentation you can expand it to full screen mode:

  • Old school stuff like text and images:

  • Can also add audio and video:

  • Can add little quizzes along the way more for self-evaluation:

Other information:

  • Must have the latest operating system (Lion) and it works only on Macs.
  • Gail asked if it would be a good tool to compile student projects-YES!
  • WARNING: need to be in landscape mode! (I found this out the hard way. When I tried to view it I could only get the text and none of the interactive modes simply because I was viewing it in portrait.)

Little glitches:

  • took twenty minutes to upload
  • and half of students did not have latest operating system

AMY (English Teacher)

Amy took a script from a student working on her Shakespeare- lost scene assignment and recorded it with the free version of Puppet Pals:

However, for $2.99 The director’s pass of this app allows you to upload photos so the students can become the puppets! This will now be added to the iPad lab.

GREG (Math teacher)

Greg researched some graphic calculators for the iPad. The hope was that the iPad will eventually render the need for students to buy their own graphic calculators obsolete. However, the ministry rules for the exams will have to change- at the moment, they do not allow the use of any electronic device.

Here are my notes of his presentation:

  • Don’t understand a thing
  • But funny
  • Did 4 graphic calculators that did everything So which one would he choose? (Never got an answer)
Luckily he provided me with a link to his video,and his rating of the calculators he tried:
Greg’s videos of Graphic Calculators Part I and Part II
Graphing Calculators with rating (*=crap, ******=very nice)
Sci Graph Calc *** (couldn’t find)
Graph Calculator * (couldn’t find)
NDO ** (couldn’t find)
CASCalcP11  (T1-90 emulator) ***

Audio memo is what Greg used to record his notes as he searched. If you are talking quietly it does not register but if you are talking at normal range will record

ALEX (History Teacher)

Alex researched  the logistics of a paperless classroom. In order to keep everything she found in one place, she created  website on Weebly (on the iPad itself!)  called paperless maider:

Includes  a list of resources to:

  • How to submit assignments completely online
  • apps where you can do it all online
  • project ideas
  • apps like class marker which allows you to create up to 50 tests for free! Class marker can make up to fifty tests online
  • Section of fun things

Needless to say, her website is AWESOME, so you should go check it out yourself. She will also be adding to it as she finds useful things.

In conclusion, I would like to quote Patrizia, spanish and french teacher and neophyte iPad user:


and from another neophyte iPad user,