instaGrok: An Education Search Engine for Students | Edudemic

Holy moly. After reading the review below, I downloaded this app immediately. Although the reviewer doesn’t give it a perfect score, this is what she gives in terms of teaching:

Teaching (5/5)

What this app can do pedagogically amazed me. From my perspective, instaGrok gave me the perfect tool to guide my students through the research process and concept synthesis. For my students, the concept map format of the results enabled them to organize information and see how topics relate.

I know that the Grade 7s are about to embark on their historical fiction unit and that one of the books concerned the Civil rights movement in the U.S., so that is what I instagroked:

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 8.51.23 AM

If you tap on any of the yellow labels you get get more info:

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 8.53.54 AM

I clicked on each tab and for the most part it is amazingly laid out. As a librarian, I am a little wary about some of the websites they recommend (I would still suggest to any student to begin with our subscription to the Encyclopedia Britannica) but in terms of organizing information, sorting through the concepts, it is pretty amazing. There is even a place to put notes (though I am not sure if they go anywhere- it looks a lot like they just stay glued to the topic).

I have to say, I’m impressed. Especially for those students who are more visual learners, this would be a great way to┬ábegin their research process!

Check it out- it’s free!


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4 iPad Search Engines in Screenshots

Yesterday Ms. Thewhite came to me and asked if she could download Chrome on the school iPads. She wanted to access a certain video site but that site wouldn’t work on Safari.

So this got me thinking…I have been using the default Safari on the iPad but I am actually not a big fan of it. I mostly browse on Firefox on my desktop. What if I could do the same on the iPad.


Here are screenshots of 4 search engines you can download for free on your iPad. Which one do you like best?

1. Izik



I love this interface, but if you want to bookmark pages or do anything personalized you are out of luck. Still, for simple searching, this is a very elegant looking interface!

You can see what is trending:



Here- let’s try searching for something that will have more info:



Weirdly enough, I had to search for Lance Armstrong Videos to get a row of videos. Not sure why it isn’t on the bottom…

Still, I like the quick answer section at the top and how they divided the search results in categories.

2. Chrome

It looks a lot like Chrome on the desktop:



Although the interface is less jazzy than Izik, you have the advantage of signing in to your google account and accessing all your shtuff…Bookmarks, gmail, what have you:



3. Mercury Browser Pro (aka Firefox)

The first thing it asks you is if you want to sync your bookmarks:



But then it looks a lot like your average Google on Firefox interface search:



Oh and there is a lite version for free but the pro version costs $0.99. Not sure what the difference is- the descriptions look the same for both of them.

4. Atomic Web Browser

This one is billed as an “advanced web browser” and the first page that comes up seems to confirm it with its no-nonsense interface:



Yeah. A tad intimidating.

But then:



Wait…are we back in Safari?



Toto, oh Toto. We are not in Safari land anymore…

Atomic Web Browser is the browser for the discerning interface user, the one who likes to play around with fonts (of course, you might just have trouble with small print,in which case this might be a good option for you).

The settings give you another whole layer of choices. My brain is reeling:



And this is the lite version. The pro version will set you back $1.99.