rAPPido Review: Sound Uncovered

Attention all science and music teachers (and other scientifically curious individuals: You have to check Sound Uncovered out!

Price: free

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 9.19.06 AMI was scanning the email from the itunes app store to see if there was anything new and interesting and I cam across this app created by the San Francisco Exploratorium (and if winter is not enough to make you want to go to the west coast right now, this interactive museum of science and art would be enough to get you to browse airline tickets).

I learned two new things in the couple of minutes I spent browsing and playing around with their well-designed activities.

Here are a few screenshots:



So I spent a couple of minutes pressing each key and marvelling how the notes seemed to keep on rising. Here is the explanation:



Here is the Table of Contents:



Easy- to use, uncluttered interface, accessible explanations and fun interactive exercises, this is an amazing app with a lot of potential for some fun in-class exercises!