Educators still trying to attract more women to technology, science fields

I read this paragraph this morning and almost choked on my cappuccino:

Standardized test scores released Tuesday show that at the Grade 8-level girls have closed the gap in science and math, performing as well and sometimes better than their male classmates. But participation in those courses begins declining in high school and drops further in university: Females account for just 39 per cent of undergrads in math and physical sciences and only 17 per cent of undergraduates in engineering and computer science, according to data from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

17%? 17%???? This causes a stir of panic in my stomach, mainly because if women are not participating in the building our world (in the virtual and physical sense) how is it possible that it will be a world that includes them?

There have been some modest gains at the postsecondary level, but female participation in science and math courses declines in high school and drops further in university


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