iBooks Review: Student Guide to the iPad and ios6

At our first iPad meeting earlier this fall, a teacher brought up the fact that the Grade 7 class did not know how to use their iPads very well. Oh, they were awesome at playing games and downloading apps that age your face or allowed you to draw with friends, but in terms of using it as an educational tool they were, as we say here in Quebec, nul.

Now this should not be surprising to us. Or at least not to me, it is a logical extension of how students use the computer. They are awesome at Facebook. But still need me to show them how to double space a Word document.

So I was very excited this morning when I came across the iBook, The Student Guide to iPads and io6. Here is the description:

The Student Guide to iPads & iOS 6 was written to help middle-school and high-school students become proficient with basic iPad operations to support learning.

The price? free.

You must download from iTunes, not the app store as it is an ebook. Once purchased, go to iBooks and look in your purchased folder:


Here is the Table of contents:


It is a short, easy-to-read guide that covers the very basics. There is a very small multimedia component (I think I saw only one movie) but I am not sure the subject matter warrants anymore than that. The instructions are very easy to follow as they are written with middle school and high school kids in mind:


The text in red are hyperlinks to the relevant section. I used the Notes section to show how this can be useful- the notes app is not meant to be used for class notes or any other written text, but for miscellaneous items such as agendas, etc. The screenshot provided gives a good example:


This might be a good model for us to use in terms of implementing an iPad orientation session for incoming students. I think the big lesson we have learned in this, our first year of 1:1 iPads, is that the students also need training.

NOTE: This is also a great resource for those teachers who still do not feel comfortable with the device. Have a look!