For beginners: a selection of How To’s from the iPadyouPad archive

I am in the midst of preparing for tomorrow’s introductory session  to the iPad and  thought I would post what I am going to talk about, just in case there are any keeners and want a headstart. That way we can skip over the stuff you already know and go straight to what you don’t.

1. Setting up your itunes account

Apple’s tutorial is pretty handy, so take a look. If you are using your department’s account, make sure you have the password.

2. How to configure your mail app

3. How to make folders for your apps

4.Workshop challenges: includes how to take a screenshot, how to move between apps, how to move your cursor, how to make a passcode, how to add to your homescreen and iTunes U.

5. Pages: a quick tutorial on how to use the word processing app.

6. Keynote: A quick introduction to the wonders of Apple’s presentation app.

7. What to do if your iPad acts up

8. We will also download two great ibooks for future reference:

9. Whatever you want! I don’t guarantee I will know right off the bat, but I guarantee I can find out for you…

How is that for a spoiler?